All Content Is Trash

Okay fine, 1% is recycling.

But the rest is celebrity clickbait gossip, plagiarized AP news stories, and software developers blogging about moving a button 3 pixels to the left…

Almost always bad, almost always useless; and I should know, I’ve written plenty of it.

Content marketing is now a ubiquitous business tool: everyone tries it, few understand it, and even fewer give it the attention it deserves.

After a couple posts and no new business, most blogs turn into ghost towns. Or worse, some pat themselves on the back week after week for churning out valueless, self-serving pap.

I’m here to stop that nonsense.

Be Best

The web is filled with a growing mass of free information, the only way to stand out is to be the best source of that information.

Being the best means we satisfy reader desires completely, we have a fast and accessible web page, we cut out the gimmicks and popups, we update the information regularly, and we let the work speak for itself.

Anything else is a cheap grab at attention that’s dead-on-arrival.

Be Brave

Being the best means you risk time and resources on content, something that may never bring a return.

But it’s important to remember that great content is not a product, it is not an advertisement, it does not generate revenue: it only builds trust.

Content is social capital, it is free value provided to readers. That value must speak to your brand’s core beliefs and express your desire to help — even, and especially if readers end up choosing the competition.

That’s why making great content takes guts.

Do you enjoy reading thinly-veiled advertisements from brands trying to fool you into buying their products?

I can think of someone else who hates that: your customers.

Be Upfront

I help businesses produce amazing content.

Content that aligns your prospect’s searching habits, their buyer journey, and your expertise to provide value that completely fulfills reader desires.

This fulfillment earns trust, links from other websites, consistent social shares, and repeat visits year-after-year.